operation change begin!



Why hello there new year!  I’ve had a quiet blogging end to 2015 and a slow start to 2016, but one thing that is clear – 2016 is going to be INCREDIBLE!

Two things have me describing my feelings for 2016.  Courage and change!

I will need courage to face the change which is about to happen this year!



  • That wonderful feeling of finally knowing what you want to do with your life…15 years later!
  • The years of being an Executive Assistant are coming to an end…well in 4 years time.
  • This year starts a Bachelor of Education to become a Primary School teacher!
  • Working full time and studying full time – courage required!!!


I’ve felt the need for change in my life for a few years now, but have let fear take over and rule my decisions….decisions that I know are safe and not challenging.

This year that stops!  I can handle anything through He who strengthens me!

Come at me 2016!!! 

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Hi, I'm Fin... ...a Brisbane foodnerd and lifestyle blogger. Fin

2 thoughts on “operation change begin!”

    1. Thanks Katie!! I sure is already making a change in me. Happy me = happy others 😀 Thanks for stopping by lovely lady with the adorable baby xx

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