rewards are better


Loving your enemies.  Sounds easier said that done and honestly a little scary.  But it definitely does neither you or them any favors by holding onto anger or past hurts.  It doesn’t help you, it just turns you bittter and resentful over time – and who wants to be that!

I know for me there have been people who have let me down, who have disappointed me or not turned out how I expected. But holding onto it doesn’t allow you to move forward, it holds you back thinking about how it used to be or how they hurt you.

Often for me, it’s my own silent unconscious expectations I put on others that lead to me being disappointed. Because they are never going to live up to how I think they should act. That’s all on me!

Instead, I’ll be making strong steps forward to be kind and to just simply try. To be the one to reach out, not because I think it should be their turn or why not them and always me. Not for anything in return but because compassion should always be the response. Because I know the reward is going to be SO much greater in the end!


operation change begin!

Why hello there new year!  I’ve had a quiet blogging end to 2015 and a slow start to 2016, but one thing that is clear – 2016 is going to be INCREDIBLE!

Two things have me describing my feelings for 2016.  Courage and change!

I will need courage to face the change which is about to happen this year!



  • That wonderful feeling of finally knowing what you want to do with your life…15 years later!
  • The years of being an Executive Assistant are coming to an end…well in 4 years time.
  • This year starts a Bachelor of Education to become a Primary School teacher!
  • Working full time and studying full time – courage required!!!


I’ve felt the need for change in my life for a few years now, but have let fear take over and rule my decisions….decisions that I know are safe and not challenging.

This year that stops!  I can handle anything through He who strengthens me!

Come at me 2016!!! 

hi i'm finley


i want to be better

grace demands change2

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote over the past few days“God will take you as you are, but the gospel demands change – grace demands change” Todd White. (since I posted this in my Friday favorites).   

It has made me think about how it can often be perceived that you have to “change” to be a Christian. That there are all these strict rules you have to follow or that you have to change your whole life to live this “new” way.

I don’t think it’s about having to change just because you’ve found Jesus.

I think it’s because you HAVE changed, that everything else ends up flowing from that.

You want to live your life better, you want to treat others better, to treat yourself better and BE better – because you have been saved and you know that God loves you!

It’s no less than life changing in the best possible way. Especially so because you just keep changing for the rest of your life because Christ keeps growing within you!!!

It’s not complicated, it’s actually really simple.  It’s about kindness, empathy, gentleness and treating others as you want to be treated.

It’s a wonderful feeling of being reinvigorated daily. To keep trying to be the  best version of yourself as possible because you have God in your life.

hi i'm finley