the right to choose 

Window sil herb garden

With all the talk, documentaries and media about sugar and eating healthy,  I’m grateful that we live in a country (australia) where we have the luxury to choose to change the way we eat.

That we can make the decision to eat healthy, to cut out sugars, to choose organic, to eat sustainably etc etc.

That we can pop out to our gardens and plant some veges that we’ve conveniently bought from the shop just down the road or plant that indoor herb garden you’ve been wanting to do!

It’s an incredibly confusing world to me when we have such extremes with food. Poverty, starvation and no choice on one side of the world and extreme gluttony and overeating on the other!

But with the choice to choose what we eat, why aren’t we eating the right things!?

We know what will make us healthy and live longer! But most of all we should be taking the healthy option because we can choose!

We’ve been talking a lot about this lately, the old hubster and I, about how easy it is to choose the wrong thing because we are so “busy” (ugh i hate that word!). But it’s true!

We prioritise what we choose to, and eating good food should be at the top of it!  After all, our survival and health depends on it!

Loving these documentaries at the moment which have helped me to keep my sugar free/healthy eating head space right and to keep things in perspective;

cowspiracy food mattersthat sugar filmliving on one dollarfed upthe true cost the bitter truth about sugar

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the best meal of the day

Now that we are predominantly sugar/processed free in our eating lives, we are trying things we’ve never really had before – which definitely makes it lots more fun.

My breakfasts are usually savoury – there is just something about having savoury foods for breakfast, namely bacon, which is always a great way to start the day, for me 😀

Yesterdays breakfast was a tasty Egg bread, soft boiled eggs, avocado and bacon – so similar to what we love but wheat free and really tasty (a Pete Evans Family Way recipe

Egg bread recipe

This morning though was one of those different things, Chia Seed Porridge, another Pete Evans recipe.

This was actually quite tasty and reminded me of tapioca pudding we’ve made before so I quite enjoyed it.   Just as with most of the “healthy” foods, it needs preparation and time.  This had to sit soaking for an hour before heating and eating.  But still a great way to mix up our breakies so will be eating it again!

Chia Seed Porridge

Breakfast is fast becoming one of my favourite meals of the day!

hi i'm finley