apricot meringue slice

On what was an extremely hot summers day in Brisbane, a silly thing to do is then turn the oven on….but alas I did!
It’s the things we do for our husbands.   Especially when they are painting the upstairs of the house on said hot day!!

So when he requested for a childhood favourite to be baked, I caved…..and sweated haha….but I’d rather be baking than painting 😉

This came from the old plastic file-o-fax of Womens Weekly recipe collection that his mum gave him….and this one is so delicious! The wet apricot/meringue layer is perfect with the dry biscuit type base….perfect afternoon tea on a hot day ><

Tasty nonetheless!  Original recipe card below for the full recipe.

kale buckwheat salad

Who knew breakfast salad was a thing!!?!!

I’d tried a breakfast salad recently while in New South Wales and just knew I had to try and make it at home!  It was that good!

kale and buckwheat salad -IMG_8579IMG_8563

I think it works well just as a vegetarian meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner but you could add some chicken in too and it would definitely work!

There are some extras you could change up in my little recipe though.

  • Swap out the broccoli for cauliflower (I can’t eat cauliflower as it does not do good things to me!)
  • We added quinoa to bulk it up a bit but that is optional if you don’t have any.
  • Add some beetroot leaves as well/instead of kale or just leaf it up with whatever you like!  So versatile!
  • When cooking your buckwheat, remember to keep checking it when it hits the 10-15 minutes mark so it doesn’t stick to the bottom once the water goes or burn!  Its a check every minute type thang 😉

So here you are, my Kale Buckwheat Salad!  Enjoy!

kale buckwheat salad - initforlove.net

*click here to print/view pdf of recipe

hi i'm finley


savoury breakfast bowl

This week has been a process of cleaning out the fridge.  Making sure we don’t waste anything and cooking with only what we have in the house.

It’s been interesting and really pushes you to think outside the box.

So breakfast this morning was using up some beef mince that had been waiting its turn patiently in the freezer, lots of spices, homegrown cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and parsley, along with some fresh eggs and avocado.

It ended up being this tasty little fella – a savoury breakfast bowl.


IMG_8415 IMG_8413

recipe blog card

I hope you enjoy.  It really is one of those things you can create and change around as you like.  So easy to customise.  I think it would be delicious with a side of some coconut flour tortillas too for dinner or even for breakfast 🙂

hi i'm finley