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juice fasting

I recently read a meme scrolling through Facebook that said

“if your food makes you tired, its making you fat. You should feel calm, centered and energized after a meal, not tired, foggy and hungry for sweets”.

And its funny reading that yesterday, at day 11 after stopping sugar and processed foods and I thought…well yeah – that rings so true! I haven’t been giving food the credit it deserves at ALL!


how i feel

We did a 5 day juice fast followed by a 5 day solid vege/fruit transition – Reboot with Joe – you may have heard of it?

I’m feeling;

  • full of energy
  • mood swings are not nearly as frequent = happy husband!
  • cravings for coffee gone.  i have no idea how, i love my piccolos!
  • amazed that this has helped our bodies to be free of refined sugars & processed foods
  • proud of our determination and working together
  • healthy
  • waking up early and bouncing out of bed – so so weird, i don’t know who i am!
  • feeling committed

I’ve realised that as much as I thought that “you are what you eat”, it has brought a whole new meaning to it I never realised.  Its completely changed my mindset because I really don’t WANT to go back to eating the way we were. I mean a treat is okay once in a while but at the moment I’m not even wanting to have a treat unless it’s clean – and i HATE that term haha.


the verdict

The hardest part…………..time.   It took all our nights juicing for the next days 5 x juices each!

The hardest part…………..headaches & nausea on day 1 and 2.

The easiest part……………not thinking about what we had to eat.  meal plans made it SO easy!

The easiest part…………..spending time together as we juiced for 3 hours a night!

Completely amazed at the amount of veges we consumed in 5 days.  The below is 4 days worth and doesn’t even include the 12 bunches of kale and 12 odd bunches of celery, lettuce and more in the fridge!

reboot juice fast


weight loss

Because we all love stats (don’t we?) , I did track my weight loss for this period, as I’d heard people lose a lot in a short amount of time.

A little intro about my body….all the jiggly stuff is hidden right in the middle – my stomach!    You see I wasn’t doing this to primarily lose weight – I want my body that has been jamming itself full of cancer causing processed sugars and foods, to get clean! 

But it’s the distribution of fat thats the worry because the amount of fat that just sits right there in the middle we know is the dangerous fat. And with heart disease evident in my family I needed that GONE!

Start Weight: 65kg…………………..5 days of juicing: 62.7kg…………………..12 days after juicing: 62kg

Start Waist: 86cm……………………5 days of juicing: 84cm…………………….12 days after juicing: 83cm
So its crazy to have 3cm off my waist and 3kg lost. So I was pretty impressed with that and glad it was something at least 🙂


WELL – that was a lot more than I wanted to bore you with. But it was an interesting 10 days and I am by no means an expert on eating well – I’m just a lady who’s experienced and tried something good that’s changed my eating habits for the better!

So there you go. I’ve been a distracted lady lately who’s done nothing but juice juice and more juice these past few weeks, which has caused me to be quite absent on here.  I definitely need to catch up on the happenings, but I’m proud of us not giving in while doing this. We stuck to it and hopefully our bodies will thank us later 🙂

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