why hello there winter

Winter in Australia.  It doesn’t really exude ideas of snow capped mountains and rugging up in all the winter warmer fashion – especially for here in Queensland.

But it is my favourite time of the year in Queensland.  Mainly because its the only time it feels like its not Summer.  I swear I’m living in the wrong state though – Summer is my least favourite weather!

But Winter 2017 means that 5 months of the year is already gone.  Summer and Autumn gone!  And its been a wonderfully happy filled, busy, roller coaster of a time – that feels like its literally happened in only 2 months, not 5!

It’s been a time where I’ve learnt to really listen to my inner self and stop if I feel things are getting too much or too busy.  Things don’t have to be hectic and exhausting all the time – life is too short to not enjoy it.  This came in the form of taking a break from full time study.
I’ve recognised more than ever the importance of a God first life.  Where putting Him first makes everything else flow and so much easier.  The constant reminder of you are not your own strength, you have His strength, is an instant comfort.
I’ve been reminded about the importance of quality time with my husband and how easy it is to get into routine without making set, non distracted time with each other.  Our time has been in the way of board game time  (the game Splendor is a really fun game for two) or in walks to local coffee shops.
Finally, I’ve realised a lot of hard work goes into cooking a whole lamb. Even though I wasn’t the one cooking it, just being a part of my husband doing it was exhausting enough!

So bring on Winter.  Where the days are short, the skies so much more blue and the cuddles and sleep ins that much better!


a bung knee, a funeral and a bite [lately]

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Well.  March certainly was one super busy month.

The beginning of the year always seems to be this way for my family.  Just with 10 birthdays in the first 3 months of the year – its enough!  But of course always fun.

The past two weeks have been a real test.  A test of organization, patience and understanding.

The Bung Knee
My lovely mother has had her second knee replacement done due to the terrible pain she’s been in with arthritis swelling her knees and resulting in bone on bone.  Thankfully the second knee operation went so so well and a week and a half later she is finally pain free for the first time in years and walking again.  So so awesome.

My 3 sisters and I have been swapping shifts to look after her as she got out of hospital Monday last week and my time looking after her was Monday and Tuesday last week.

The Funeral
Sadly, the day after her operation on Friday, her brother and our Uncle passed away after years of struggling with prostate cancer and lymphoma.  Such a strong family man he was just lovely!

Unfortunately for our mum, due to her major operation, she couldn’t travel and us 4 sisters travelled to Sydney to not just represent her but say goodbye to our Uncle.

Quickly filming mum’s eulogy to her brother to show during the service, we headed off on Wednesday, catching up with SO much family (uncles, aunties, cousins, second cousins and family friends) it was both a sad time saying goodbye and a happy time, celebrating his wonderful life and reuniting with cousins we hadn’t seen for a while.

The Bite
Coming back Friday night to Brisbane after our whirlwind, last minute trip, it was certainly lovely to be home.

Unfortunately for me, from Wednesday night in Sydney I’d had this pain and lump in my neck.

I thought it was my tonsils and me coming down with a flu, but Saturday morning I woke up and just knew I had to go to the doctor, it just didn’t feel “normal”.

My instincts were right and the doctor applauded me on acting quickly as my glands in my neck had become infected which can lead to septicemia – something I definitely DO NOT want to have. Who knows what it was that bit me, but my body certainly didn’t like it and I’m glad I didn’t muck around!

So 4 days of antibiotics, both orally and externally, a bit of nausea and hot flushes later – the pain is completely gone thank goodness and praise God!

>> So it has been a big few weeks topped off by 2 separate family do’s for Easter over the weekend. While I’m glad its over it has been lovely at the same time.

I’ve been surrounded by my mum, my 3 sisters and extended family who were all filled with love in honoring a great man!

Its often I pray for peace and quiet and my life to be less of running around and ‘go go go’, but when it’s all said and done – I’d rather be freaking out trying to organise last minute flights days before Easter. Having my patience tested in trying not to react to sibling bickering. And in being filled with a strong wave of understanding and strength from the Holy Spirit to help others around me who are overwhelmed with emotion and sadness.

Its why I will always choose being caught up in the whirlwind that is big family life than at home with the quiet routine…..though it certainly helps to have the quiet routine to recover 😉

xx Finley