life is sweet

Okay…I’m going to jump on the gold bandwagon here….cause I’m only just starting to love it.

The gold, the bronze, the copper, the rose gold – all these new homewares out in these colours I am in love with.

No way that I’d go out and redecorate, that stuff is expensive, but a few candles here and there surely couldn’t hurt (sorry hubby!)

Here are some of my faves at the moment including a cute Life is Sweet candle I bought from KikkiK over the weekend that is now sitting on our buffet (and yes I am obsessed with Kikki K!)

Life is sweet - landscape
Kikki K Life is Sweet scented candle / AUD $29.95
Dusk Alpha Candle Lantern – Copper
Kikki K – Make your own path – svenska hem
Kikki K – Wooden Frame with print: Svenska Hem
Pillow Talk – Geo Pendant Light
Kikki K – life is sweet set of 3 bowls

hi i'm finley

diary confession


New year = new diary!  Well thats how last year worked, and it worked beautifully.  My diary and I were in beautiful harmony together.There were a few little hiccups though last year where I chose iFey (iphone) over my diary, but we worked through them and got back on track (a few times), but it worked!This year – another super cute diary from Kikki K on hand complete with cute little stickers, rainbows and 2015 motivational.

But alas,  we have not been in each others hands and I have completely chosen my iPhone calendar over my paper calendar.
Given, iFey can sync up with my husbands iPhone calendar so he knows exactly what he is doing (hehe) and it keeps US in perfect harmony, but I just don’t think I’m ready to give up the paper diary.

I am not sure what keeps me coming back to it.  I guess its like books.  You could easily have everything all on your iPad ready to read at the tap of a ‘get’ button, but we choose to have books and libraries.  I choose paperback over eBooks.  So I guess thats why I still love a paper diary so much.

I know I have to use it more though because I fear I like the ‘thought’ of it more than the actual use of it.

This is my brain
> oh I will just give it another few months,
> i can’t write in it its just so darn cute,
> but I haven’t even used it so I think it might be time
> but I ain’t givin up yet its so pwetttyyy!

Sigh…all common sense for something as simple as just a ‘book that lasts a year’, all gone out the window!

Does anyone else feel the same or still lovin on the paper diary?  There is just something about writing with a pen and planning out your day,week, months, on paper, that just gets me 🙂




all wrapped up in the season


How wonderful is Christmas!   It’s not for everyone, but for me, as I get older, it really is becoming the most wonderful time of the year (to quote an awesome Christmas song!).

Part of the fun of course is the giving and what comes with giving….WRAPPING!   One of my favourite things, especially with the help of a husband who has to have every single corner completely straight!

Every year I look sadly at last years leftover wrapping paper and head on out for a sweet new festive wrap! I can’t help myself.  It’s one of the things that puts a smile on my dial which is great when it also becomes one of the busiest work times of the year!!!

This year we’ve decided to keep it plain recycled paper with some cute festive string and tags.  The best thing about this paper though, after much debate as to what wrapping paper TO purchase, was that we can use this any time of the year! And at just $3 for 7 metres – cost effective too!

So in all the fun of memoraxing the wrapping that has been done, I get to memorax one other little thing….however unwrapped!

My little Millie – she couldn’t help herself and every time I took a photo she went straight to the back of the tree trying to figure out what on earth I was taking a photo of!  Now how adorable is that….just made this “happy its Christmas” lady even happier!

So to all you lovelies out there, I hope you are find gorgeous little moments to smile and be grateful for amongst the chaos that is the festive season!  The more smiles filled with these moments, the more you become joyful and you can then be merry and bright to someone elses season!



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