looking forward by looking back

looking forward by looking back

We live in a world consumed by the need to change.

Every day something changes.  It’s inevitable.  Your clothes, your hairstyle, the weather or the newest model phone it seems. And as fun as change is, and I am by no means against it, I also feel sometimes it’s not necessary.  That its done just because we assume we have to, because ‘modern life’.

Take for example history.   I am no history expert that’s for sure and it’s not something I’ve yet got an innate desire to delve into, but we are living in a modern age where we have technology increasing at a rapid rate.   We assume we know everything because its new.  As if we have to change the world from what it was, just because we can now do it bigger and better.

But what does history show us?!  It shows hundreds of years of tradition.  It shows thousands of years of human civilisation.  It shows for example, a monarchy that reigned far before our time, that still reigns and remains a current link to our past that we for some reason are set on destroying here in Australia.  Can you tell I’m anti-republic;) ?

It’s frustrating to me that instead of the constant desire to change history, we don’t instead look back and more strongly use what has been learnt.  What worked, how these huge civilisations made long standing buildings that last the ages or why the traditions that were set years ago are actually still embedded (often unknowingly) into our society.

The online world doesn’t help.  Its where we are constantly looking for something new and the next funny meme or hilarious video – and that is fine, I love a funny cat video don’t get me wrong.  But on a large scale, on a global scale, what will be our legacy.  What will be the one thing in this techno-age that will last?  In a world that is now set on the newest trends and fast dwindling fads and 15 minutes of fame, what lasts?  What is unique?

It’s a reflective time of year let me say.   I have been thinking about what will happen next year and the change that is going to happen in our little slice of the world.  It has got me excited don’t get me wrong, but that’s my immediate space and my change. On a global scale, on a ‘leave a legacy’ scale – how will what we are doing now really matter if we keep changing to look forward without learning from looking backwards? 

So here we go – sitting at the cusp of change.  Where another year ends and a new year begins.  It’s a fun time to reflect.  But it’s got me reflecting differently, more broad than I usually do and I’m okay with that.  In this coming year, I am going to use this to look back on my own history, on my countries history and further, to see how I can change from what’s been taught already.

Where I can learn and move forward, by looking back. 


be strong like a 6 year old



My beautiful niece turned 6 yesterday and in phoning her to say happy birthday, I asked her “what’s different now that you are 6 Summer?”

“Ummm I’m taller.  Um, stronga! Ummm, smarter….and my hair is longer!”


The confidence that came from her, even just over the phone was so admirable!  She’s 6!  She knows nothing of worry, stress, disappointment, deadlines, 5 year plans!

She just knows the simple facts.

That she IS taller.  She is STRONGER. She is SMARTER!  And the hair, well thats just a bonus!

It’s what I think we all need more of.  Getting the basics right and talking positive to ourselves.  To be PROUD of who we are and BRAVE enough to say it out loud!

We need to have the mind of a 6 year old! To realise just how wonderfully strong and smart we are!  

hi i'm finley

three years a wife

Three years ago I began my married life.  I became someone’s wife. What a moment in time that was. 

Being my husbands wife I’ve;

  • learnt patience of a different kind.  A patience in knowing that I don’t always have to be right, even when I am, sometimes that’s not the point.
  • learnt that my cooking is so much more to my husband than the food on the plate.  That he sees my feeding him as feeding him love. That he craves love in the form of actions, not words like I do. (Or he’s just hungry all the time 😉)
  • seen how talking can solve things so much faster than opting for my comfort of the silent treatment. 
  • learnt that I have to tell him what I’m thinking or when I’m upset because he can’t read my mind.
  • learnt how tolerant he is, especially with all the body, poop and what foods hate me talks
  • found out that we are both big dorks who can’t stop trying to impress each other with our silliness and jokes.
  • loved staring at him while he’s going to sleep, because it happens so darn fast it’s incredible(and, stalker)….and then getting irritated moments later because he makes a weird popping noise (patience!)
  • realised the incredible blessing to this earth that is marriage 
  • seen first hand the kindness of my husband and am so grateful for his heart.
  • married a man who loves God and honours his wife through His truths. 
  • married a man who led his wife to the forgiving love of Christ.
  • got a man who is strong in his self and his own convictions and would stand by God, his wife and his family till the ends of the earth.  

Most of all,  I’ve enjoyed love. The feeling of having that person who just gets you beyond every unreasonable mood, worry, craving, sad thought or ecstatic silliness – it’s just love in its simplest form and I love being somebodies wife!

Alright, mega corny session over! 😉