one day [a grateful heart]

one day, a grateful heart - in it for love

…one day i will have a house that will be filled with random bursts of laughter and non stop giggles

…one day there will be big brown eyes that look just like my husbands staring back at me

…one day there will be awkward moments in trying to put in a car seat or pull open a stroller

…one day i’ll realise what its like to want to protect something to the ends of the earth

…one day my husband and i will see love looking back at us and feel more connected than ever

…one day we will be able to pass on all our knowledge, thoughts and beliefs to our next generation

…one day i’ll be able to share all the recipes and tastes that i love

…one day my heart will be more full than i ever imagined

…one day i’ll know the incredible miracle of life our Lord created

But for now, in this day, i’m thankful for what i have. Right now, I’m excited to know what could come when I’m already so completely happy in what I have!

Today I’m grateful that I can fully appreciate what I don’t have, to in turn be thankful for what I do have. Today I’m proud that my Lord and Saviour has filled me with hope and happiness in the now.  For the shelter over my head, the food in my stomach and the love in my heart.

That at this point in time, I am enjoying the here, the now and living in the moment! I thank God that I am here and that I have a voice that can say, today I am thankful that the  ‘one day’ will happen, and that it will happen with Christ!

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a light in the morning [a grateful heart]

psalm 18:28-29 NIV

Wow that weekend went fast! Definitely needing another day after that big weekend!

But it was wonderful spending it with lots of family and being thankful for the wonderful gift that is a mother!

Mothers Day has never really worried me AT ALL it’s an absolutely beautiful day to honor beautiful women.  But I went to bed Sunday night feeling heavy. A horrible heavy feeling of want and lust swept over me as I wished all the things that Mothers Day represents to be mine.

I went to bed feeling not just physically exhausted from a long day but emotionally exhausted from just being tired of it all, of all the waiting.

I woke up this morning, really flat.  Dragging myself out of bed.  But instead of starting my Monday morning routine, I went straight to my desk….and opened the Bible.

Opening a few pages and skimming through a couple of verses in Psalm, I came upon this….and it opened my heart back up to hope straight away!

So today I am grateful for quick sorrows.  I am grateful that my heart turns straight to His word and His promises when I’m feeling down.

I am grateful knowing that His light is my lamp through times of darkness!

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning
My God turns my darkness into light
With your help I can advance against a troop.
With my God I can scale a wall.
Psalm 18:28-29 NIV

hi i'm finley

all wrapped up in the season


How wonderful is Christmas!   It’s not for everyone, but for me, as I get older, it really is becoming the most wonderful time of the year (to quote an awesome Christmas song!).

Part of the fun of course is the giving and what comes with giving….WRAPPING!   One of my favourite things, especially with the help of a husband who has to have every single corner completely straight!

Every year I look sadly at last years leftover wrapping paper and head on out for a sweet new festive wrap! I can’t help myself.  It’s one of the things that puts a smile on my dial which is great when it also becomes one of the busiest work times of the year!!!

This year we’ve decided to keep it plain recycled paper with some cute festive string and tags.  The best thing about this paper though, after much debate as to what wrapping paper TO purchase, was that we can use this any time of the year! And at just $3 for 7 metres – cost effective too!

So in all the fun of memoraxing the wrapping that has been done, I get to memorax one other little thing….however unwrapped!

My little Millie – she couldn’t help herself and every time I took a photo she went straight to the back of the tree trying to figure out what on earth I was taking a photo of!  Now how adorable is that….just made this “happy its Christmas” lady even happier!

So to all you lovelies out there, I hope you are find gorgeous little moments to smile and be grateful for amongst the chaos that is the festive season!  The more smiles filled with these moments, the more you become joyful and you can then be merry and bright to someone elses season!



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