busy house, exhausted feet…grateful heart

busy house, exhausted feet - grateful heart - initforlove

Our 3 bedroom townhouse in the inner city burbs of Brisbane was certainly a hustling and bustling home this weekend gone.

4 sets of little feet littered our space over the course of 2 days along with 7 sets of big feet, all helping build, eat, clean and entertain!

Come Monday, after a weekend full of entertaining children, adults and non stop cooking, a work day is the last thing you want.  But now, late Monday night and absolutely exhausted from our busy weekend,  I am incredibly grateful!

Grateful to have had my 3 year old nephew and 5 year old niece stay the night while my sister and her husband enjoy time to themselves!

Grateful to hear my husband take our little nephew to bed way past his bedtime on Saturday night, read him a story and have him fall asleep straight away – after I had previously tried!

Grateful that my beautiful niece was so filled with excitement while making Valentine’s gifts of heart shaped cookies and painted hearts for a gift when her mum and dad got home!

And absolutely loving the fact that my 3 year old nephew thought Kookaburra’s laughing sounded like “monkey birds”…..which is just so EXACTLY what they sound like.  The world through the fresh wide eyed view of a little kid!

Completely grateful that now, exhausted, its a weekend that was full, with an untidy house, multiple bouts of vacuuming, sweatiness, a day where I had no time to even think about how I looked – but time that I got to spend (in our house!) with nearly all our families!!!

Now time for sleep 😉

xx Finley

filling last years almost empty jar….thankful in 2015!

Well, as thankful as we were for so many things last year, our poor little 2014 Thankful Jar did not cop much of it!

The poor little thing had a total of 8 thankful notes written in it…..how terrible is that!  But its all about good intentions right… 🙂

As few thankful notes that there were in the jar, opening just those 8 with my husband was totally worth it!  It was such a fun thing seeing what each other wrote….even if I only did 6 in total, all through January and he did just 2 towards the end of the year – it has still made me want to do it again this year!

The reason I want to do it again is because of how it ends – sitting there reading them together is completely what its about and seeing what each other wrote and what they were thankful for throughout the year.  Even just 8 was enough to feel the joy of what this jar can bring and I’m grateful that we at least gave it a go!

Funny find though – the majority of mine were thankful for my husband for helping me around the house haha and he was thankful for me folding his clothes and help him live through man flu hahaha! So hilarious!

I think this time though I will make it where we just write things we are thankful for, grateful for or loving about each other.   So thanks to the lovely Amberly from A Prioritized Marriage  – I am totally going to do this wonderful idea again for 2015 and try and hit a PB on last years Thankful Jar!

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