lemon butter-licious


With Christmas now behind us I thought I’d pop up a quick little recipe which I used as a homemade Christmas Day present to my family as my brain has been so consumed with food these last 2 days I can’t stop thinking about it!!!

Last year I made Peanut Brittle and this year they all received Lemon Butter.   Such a tasty delicious recipe and so beautifully yellow with all those lovely lemons that sit prettying up your fruit bowl!

I had so much fun making it I thought I’d post the recipe for you.   And for those that may have already made this before, the great thing is its quick and easy and pretty fool proof – as long as you don’t let it boil that is!!!! Otherwise you’ll have curdled lumpy lemon butter on your hands 🙂

Enjoy!!!  I know I will – as of course you have to make an extra one for yourself to keep 😉


> 4 eggs
> ¾ cup sugar
> ½ cup lemon juice
> 2 teaspoons finely grated lemon rind
> 125 g chopped butter

1. Place eggs and sugar into a heatproof bowl.
2. Place bowl over a pan of barely simmering water and whisk constantly until sugar has

3. Add lemon juice, lemon rind and butter. Whisk mixture for 20 minutes until smooth and
the butter has melted and thickened enough to coat the spoon. Do not allow the mixture
to boil as it will curdle.  

>> A good tip also is that if you grab your whisk and you can still see the imprint of the whisk in 


the lemon butter when you take it out, its pretty much ready!

4. Pour warm mixture into hot sterilised jars and seal immediately.
Note: recipe makes 2 cups
I ended up tripling the recipe which made 6 cups and filled 8.5 IKEA Rajtan spice jars



01/01/2014 8:42pm

What recipes do you have to use lemon butter in? I have never tried it, but sounds yummy 🙂


04/01/2014 10:33am

Hi Jena. oh you could use it in all sorts. It’s really more of a topping sort of thing. So for something easy spread it on toast – so yum on that for something sweet and sour in the morning! Or on pancakes, crepes, pikelets, croissants, make some melting moments pop as the centre of them, make mini lemon meringue tarts with it….all sorts 🙂


04/01/2014 3:13am

Love this recipe, will have to try it!!!


04/01/2014 10:34am

Hi Daisy! Yes defniitely give it a go. Nice simple ingredients too to make and cute as gifts too! So tasty!

Path to Faith [my testimony]

With me heading to Cambodia next year with the SHE Rescue team, one of the activities we are asked to do is to share our testimony to a group of older children as well as also having to prepare two 30 minute discipleship messages too to a group of children and adults – praying on this one right now as its making me quite nervous!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while however and have had several opportunities in the “real world” to share my testimony but always choked or worked myself out of telling it.   So I’d like to write it in an effort to help me get the words out and also to share my story of how I became a Christian (Skip to the end if you’d like the abridged version haha).

Growing up my sisters, mum and I attended Seventh Day Adventist Church for what I can remember as being a few years when I was quite young and was a part of Sunday School.  I remember singing songs ♪this little light of mine♫ etc and learning Bible stories as well as walking over to the “adult” church and sitting in the back pews listening to the very serious ominous sermons, to hymns as well as watching my Nan and Grandad sing along.  No harsh memories from it.  I actually remember enjoying it as a little girl.

I guess things change as you become a teenager and at times, I flitted between certain groups of people in high school, the nerds, the hippies, the goths, alone and although I had plenty of friends – I never felt like I belonged to a certain group….until I became good friends with a few in the “goths” group.  Very stereotyped I know.  Long story short I was always around talk of people not believing in God and openly saying he didn’t exist.   Something I went along with.  Never wanting to say my opinion out of fear that I would ‘lose’ friends or be alone.  Typical teenage behavior because of course you know you are different in some silly way to everyone else even though you are all the same.

This continued as I started a relationship straight out of school with someone in the group who I was friends with and he was there through one of the toughest times in my life, my dad passing away, and I clung to him because of this.

I spent the next 8 years of my life in a relationship with this person who vocally said they didn’t believe in God.  I went along with that knowing full well that I was turning away from Him – and I just ran further.

The thing is, I know I didn’t believe it….any of it!   I always knew God existed.  I couldn’t explain it any other way.   However I chose to ignore this.  I think partially because I didn’t fully understand what believing in God meant and also because I was around people who often blamed God for things that men/women had done.

I honestly always knew there was something missing in my life though yet I instead replaced it with parties, drinking and in the end, a relationship which nearly broke me after he cheated on me in our 8th year.

I felt alone.  Very alone and very wronged.  And I knew that something was still missing from my life – not the obvious that I wasn’t in a relationship anymore.  I knew it was God.  There was one stage when I’d been out clubbing and drinking with a new set of friends and came home and cried myself to sleep hoping that things would change and I’d feel happy again.  I knew I had to change and I was looking in all the wrong places in an effort to find it.

A chance to go to a party of people I’d never met before soon changed that and I went along and was lucky enough to meet my now husband there and I deeply and strongly believe and know that God led me to my husband so that my husband could lead me to God.

I knew he was a Christian though he never openly discussed it with me or talked about it to me or actually never said “come to church with me”.   He left to church and I stayed home.  Then one day, I just went with him.  And I went to church for the first time in over 20 years.   I took that leap and went one time because I loved my husband and wanted to be involved in what he was doing and to see what it was like.


And I’ve been going back ever since.    Though it took me a little while to get used to this “non traditional” singing (there were no hymns!!) and all the hands in the air!  It was definitely foreign to me.

Just over a year after that, in May this year I was water baptised (see my video here)…which was such an emotional moment for me I’ll never forget it.  In the words of one of the men who lay me into the water and came up to me and pulled me aside afterwards.  “you were such a heavy weight when we lent you back into the water it was hard to hold you and when you came back up you were so light like you weighed nothing”.  I felt the exact same thing.  it was also great in that there were some Pastors there ready to speak to you about what God was saying to them about this moment and some kind words from my brother in law about Faith.  Such a moment to be surrounded by my family and great people.

I guess my point is that I knew where I should be and ran from it.  And as much as you can run away from something, it will always find you.  It’s just that in your effort to run away from something, you choose a road which ends up being full of bumps and dead end roads filled with emotionally heartbreaking decisions.   When it doesn’t have to be like that – there was a clear path for me and I knew it.  I knowingly turned away.  I know that now – because God was all around me in so many ways.  

I ended up running away from my faith and making bad decisions when I knew I’d end up being here all along. And I didn’t have to go through all that heartache to get here if I just had turned towards the Lord and followed His voice.   

My husband likes to compare my journey to Jonah and the Whale.   Jonah disobeyed what the Lord had told him to do and headed in the opposite direction even though he knew he should be where he was told – yet he went as far away from where he was supposed to go as possible.    It took him through a violent storm and  into the belly of a whale for 3 days and 3 nights, all the while knowing full well that he was openly running away from the Lord.

My life has changed in so many ways since I came to Christ and I am filled with a renewed sense of happiness and peace in my heart that I’ve never EVER had before.  I no longer fear death and I am constantly amazed at how God is working in my life and those around me.  I love that I am still growing into my faith, learning constantly and getting to know all that our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us is just blowing my mind.

The weight has definitely been lifted and to know that I, for now and forever, have someone by my side to love me unconditionally and forgive all my disbelief – is worth the journey!


01/12/2013 6:44am
 This is so cool! I love that He is always just waiting with His arms wide open, desiring us to run back to Him! So glad you did!!! xoxo
01/12/2013 6:12pm
oooo thanks Caroline 😀 me too!!
03/12/2013 4:18am
 What a beautiful story of God’s redeeming love. Our testimonies are our love stories showing how deeply God has cared for us over the years. No matter where we are or how far we run we cannot hide from his love. God is so good!!! Thanks for sharing this Finley!
12/12/2013 8:04pm
Thanks Charity. It often felt like such a big thing for me to share my story both verbally and written but once I started it all just flowed and I’m so proud of my journey cause it has a pretty darn good result 🙂
03/12/2013 2:48pm
 Love reading your story girl! Such an amazing one! THank you for sharing.
12/12/2013 8:05pm
 Thanks for reading Angela!!! it’s a nice feeling to realise my walk and definitely helping me to be able to express my story better when it comes time next year 🙂
04/12/2013 7:40am
 Such a beautiful testimony! Our stories are super similar 🙂 I just love how God totally CHOOSES His children, and He will chase us to the end of the earth with such patience. I’m going to Uganda in January, and I have to practice my testimony, too! I’ll be praying for you as you prepare for your trip! ❤
12/12/2013 8:01pm
Oh thanks Amy. How fab we have similar stories! 

wow Uganda how awesome! Would love to hear what sort of prep you’ve been doing and what you will be doing over there! Heading over to your blog now to stalk hehe

04/12/2013 5:43pm
I love your testimony! It’s so amazing to hear how Jesus can come in and put your entire life right in order and you finally feel whole. I know exactly how you felt and went through a similar situation of knowing I was missing something! God knows how to get your attention and put the right people into your life! It fills me with joy to read stories like this! So happy for you and your salvation!
12/12/2013 8:03pm
Oh thanks lovely Jena. Its a lovely feeling of realisation and I’ve become a better woman for it thats for sure! Love that we went through similar 🙂
10/07/2014 1:57am
I really think it’s so cool how you said you felt like God led you to your husband so your husband could lead you to God. You have a beautiful story of redemption, and I’m glad you shared!


“Don’t let me shy away from you Lord”

I’ve figured out a little something about myself and my prayer life and why I struggle sometimes to find the words to pray.

I often find it hard to find the words to say.   It can be hard at times because I often want to state my opinion or let my thoughts out and it hasn’t helped that I’ve always been afraid of speaking in public either!

I know I have become better at this and over the past 3 years some of my friendships have changed because of this.   I have learnt to speak out my opinion more – when I used to think that they never really wanted to hear it.    I’d just go along with what they felt.  Out of fear of what I am not sure but I know its something I used to do.  Not state my opinion out of fear of maybe losing a friendship or disagreeing….strange and annoying but its changed thank goodness.  I won’t sit idly by anymore I will say what I feel if I feel it needs to be said.  Given that sometimes it is better to say nothing at all and move on – but I’m not afraid anymore to speak out in friendship and it’s a great thing to realise when you have grown through something.

That being said, these past few weeks I have really struggled to pray.  I know I need to but I can’t find the words and I know why.  I have been feeling shy to speak to the Lord.   It just infuriates me realising this.   I am afraid of what to say and get nervous worrying it won’t be the right thing BUT I know that it doesn’t matter what I say as long as its from my heart!!! Gargh! So annoying.

But just then, just prior to this, I found the words.

“Don’t let me shy away from you Lord”

I don’t want to be lost for words.  I need to find the words.  Because these last few weeks I’ve felt hopeless.  I’ve felt my vision I used to have of us having children slipping away, where I find it hard to even imagine the fact that we’d ever have children.  The visions and the just knowing I used to have only a month ago seems like its almost gone.  I don’t want to feel like that hope is gone – I desperately need that.   I don’t know whether its tied to the fact that we’ve recently decided to not do IVF anymore or what….it probably is that….but either way I don’t want that to have the power over me.

I have to not let this stop me from drawing closer to God and not let my pride or unfaithfulness get in the way of prayer.

So I will find the words.  I WILL pray every day.  I have to. I know full well how to.  Hope is not lost.  It’s always there walking along side me waiting for me to return.  I need to not lose heart – but grab FAITH!