rewards are better


Loving your enemies.  Sounds easier said that done and honestly a little scary.  But it definitely does neither you or them any favors by holding onto anger or past hurts.  It doesn’t help you, it just turns you bittter and resentful over time – and who wants to be that!

I know for me there have been people who have let me down, who have disappointed me or not turned out how I expected. But holding onto it doesn’t allow you to move forward, it holds you back thinking about how it used to be or how they hurt you.

Often for me, it’s my own silent unconscious expectations I put on others that lead to me being disappointed. Because they are never going to live up to how I think they should act. That’s all on me!

Instead, I’ll be making strong steps forward to be kind and to just simply try. To be the one to reach out, not because I think it should be their turn or why not them and always me. Not for anything in return but because compassion should always be the response. Because I know the reward is going to be SO much greater in the end!


constant love

So much goes on in this life, so many struggles, stresses, changes, disappointments, unknowns, joy, laughter, surprise, love and friendships – yet through all these changes, one thing remains, His word and His love. There is no change, it’s constant, it’s real and it’s bigger than any of us know or will ever understand! 🙌🏼 

i just called, to say, i miss you.

Just a little pop in to say I MISS THIS SPACE!

Studying has taken over my life and as much as it saddens me that I can’t do all the things I used to love to do and also that incredible thing called freedom – I also feel this is the direction my life needs to take.

So my little page – i miss you.  I miss all the lovely people and interactions that came with you. I miss sneaking peaks into others lives through this space.   I miss the faith that poured from me as I wrote.  I miss the ideas that sparked as I took a photo.  I miss the creativity that flowed when I would design imagery or layouts.

I will be back though.  After this first semester I am only going to do 3 subjects (not 4) in Semester 2, so my time will be slightly less chaotic.  Slightly.

However, for now, I have 3 exams next week and a quiz – so life is pretty full on.  The calls of easy food and study combo definitely beckons me but I know my body just hates it, so been sticking to a nice healthy lifestyle.  And making breakfasts is pretty much the highlight of my days as its the only time I really get a chance to cook.  It’s funny how much I miss cooking and cleaning when I have to study haha!   But thank the Lord for a husband who is feeding and cooking for me!

So here is a quick snapshot of what goodies and healthy deliciousness has been on the breakfast plate lately, plus a look at my little desk/life.

See you soon little space xx




this be my life! high on science & communication, low on excitement.