hey you, 2016!

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2016 you are one fast moving year!
It’s already day 18 and your days are passing WAY too fast!

One thing I want you to do for me this year is go slow!   Make months long, days full and moments plenty!

Because I’m going to be filling you with a lot this year – so don’t run away on me.   My brain will be at capacity with studying full time, my eyes will be tired with working full time and 2016, your weekends are going to be full to the brim and overflowing!

You know why!?

Because I can do it all!  I can handle it.  Whatever you throw at me this year – I will smash it aside and triumphantly jump into the sky shouting “is that all you’ve got – come at me bro!!”

I want to study, work, have babies, adopt babies, volunteer, spend long nights with friends, and crazy filled days with family.  Go to the beach, long walks, adventures, romantic dinners, holidays away, and more and more!

I know your predecessors think I say this every year – but this year – I’ve got this!  I know others say, “slow down – you’ve taken too much on” or “make sure you make time to rest”.

To that I say – why?  There is no time like the present and things can change in a heartbeat. We’ve got one life and only one 2016!  I can do anything I set my mind to.

If I get tired, if I stumble, if I fall – meh – whatever! I’ll dust myself off, get back up and keep going (and maybe have a big long sleep on a weekend every now and then)!  There is  no right or wrong time to change, to make changes.   I say its ALWAYS the time to change!

So 2016 – let’s do this! Let’s say corny quotes like “be the change you want to see in the world” and listen to Shia LeBouf and “Just do it!” and enjoy every single little bit of EVERYTHING that happens this year!


hi i'm finley



some things never change


truth hope courage strength

Your plans may change.

Your life might take a turn you didn’t expect.

You might not be where you thought you would be.  You haven’t got the kids you so desire, the dream house or the perfect job!

It may frustrate you and test your patient when things don’t go according to what you had imagined for your life.

But you have to know, there is one thing that is for certain in this life!

HIS word never changes.

HIS word is where you can take refuge and feel safe!

HIS word is where you can find comfort and words of hope filled love! 

His word can give you truth, hope, courage and strength through ANY situation.  You just have to open the word and lean in to where perfection lives!!

hi i'm finley

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escape to the country


Today I’m grateful for being able to switch off – for having the choice to do so and having the time to make it happen.

My husband and I celebrated 3 years of marriage and 6 years as a couple by escaping the big smoke and hitting the countryside, for 3 days of relaxation and enjoying the beautiful northern new south wales national forest and breathtaking views!

Our long weekend was pretty simple and about enjoying the basics;

  • no electricity
  • no running water for a full day (though this got fixed!)
  • saying no to the gas bbq and cooking on the fire
  • midday snoozes
  • board games
  • early mornings
  • late nights star gazing and cuddling by the fire
  • peace and quiet and nothing but the noise of the wind whispering through the trees
  • no neighbours for kilometres
  • uninterrupted views from the kitchen and bathroom (hehe)
  • enjoying each others company and loving it!

Would do this again in a heart beat.  The perfect way to switch off, get back to basics and enjoy how incredibly beautiful our country is and being grateful for wide open skies, with no interruptions to view all the stars (plus quite a few satellites and a shooting star!).

This is how I would love my life to become…one day it will happen!!







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hi i'm finley

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