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today is going to b e awesome - initforlove

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Not only am I a huge fan of her website, Fat Mum Slim and all the cool photo a day challenges she does but NOW, this comes along!

I’ve been loving all over colouring and handwriting at the moment and sitting on our coffee table is a container filled with colouring pencils – it kind of hasn’t moved for a week now hehe!

So ADULT colouring in is now a thing!  I thought it was just something I shamelessly did when the nieces had left and finished off their half coloured fairy colourings!

Have fun finding beauty in something so simple, so relaxing as just sitting, colouring in and letting all your other troubles just slip away! I sure did 🙂

> LINK {adult colouring printables} over at Fat Mum Slim

xx Finley

instant happy [finding beauty]

finding beauty 13 - instant happy

Bouquets of flowers just have to be one of my favourites.Whether bought myself or a gift, like this bouquet that I had delivered to work today from a recent guest, in which I organised the two day tour for them.

My day has been dragging on here at work. Its a short week after Easter but its felt long – why is that?But this has certainly cheered me up…..that and the piccolo latte I just purchased!

Give me this every Friday and I’ll be a happy lady 🙂

xx Finley



cat one, husband zero [finding beauty]

cat one, husband zero @ initforlove
There are some moments, that are just so simply lovely with no agenda to them that just make you smile and have that moment of just feeling completely happy with life in the right now!
Mine comes in the form of a cat – it often does haha.  My husband last night asked me while he was at work, if I could quickly go upstairs and update his PC.  I’d just gotten home from Zumba and was just sitting on the couch, chilling with Millie on my lap.
I looked down and thought.  Actually no, I don’t think I will move. I won’t rush off.  She is so comfortable and excited that I am home and we are having a lovely moment.  So I just sat and enjoyed the quiet house, with a lovely cuddle from my Millie.
Just a simple moment of beauty – because all cats are clearly beautiful – enjoyed on a couch! Unfortunately for hubby, the cat won this round haha!
Happy Friday everyone!