i just called, to say, i miss you.

Just a little pop in to say I MISS THIS SPACE!

Studying has taken over my life and as much as it saddens me that I can’t do all the things I used to love to do and also that incredible thing called freedom – I also feel this is the direction my life needs to take.

So my little page – i miss you.  I miss all the lovely people and interactions that came with you. I miss sneaking peaks into others lives through this space.   I miss the faith that poured from me as I wrote.  I miss the ideas that sparked as I took a photo.  I miss the creativity that flowed when I would design imagery or layouts.

I will be back though.  After this first semester I am only going to do 3 subjects (not 4) in Semester 2, so my time will be slightly less chaotic.  Slightly.

However, for now, I have 3 exams next week and a quiz – so life is pretty full on.  The calls of easy food and study combo definitely beckons me but I know my body just hates it, so been sticking to a nice healthy lifestyle.  And making breakfasts is pretty much the highlight of my days as its the only time I really get a chance to cook.  It’s funny how much I miss cooking and cleaning when I have to study haha!   But thank the Lord for a husband who is feeding and cooking for me!

So here is a quick snapshot of what goodies and healthy deliciousness has been on the breakfast plate lately, plus a look at my little desk/life.

See you soon little space xx




this be my life! high on science & communication, low on excitement.



hey you, 2016!

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2016 you are one fast moving year!
It’s already day 18 and your days are passing WAY too fast!

One thing I want you to do for me this year is go slow!   Make months long, days full and moments plenty!

Because I’m going to be filling you with a lot this year – so don’t run away on me.   My brain will be at capacity with studying full time, my eyes will be tired with working full time and 2016, your weekends are going to be full to the brim and overflowing!

You know why!?

Because I can do it all!  I can handle it.  Whatever you throw at me this year – I will smash it aside and triumphantly jump into the sky shouting “is that all you’ve got – come at me bro!!”

I want to study, work, have babies, adopt babies, volunteer, spend long nights with friends, and crazy filled days with family.  Go to the beach, long walks, adventures, romantic dinners, holidays away, and more and more!

I know your predecessors think I say this every year – but this year – I’ve got this!  I know others say, “slow down – you’ve taken too much on” or “make sure you make time to rest”.

To that I say – why?  There is no time like the present and things can change in a heartbeat. We’ve got one life and only one 2016!  I can do anything I set my mind to.

If I get tired, if I stumble, if I fall – meh – whatever! I’ll dust myself off, get back up and keep going (and maybe have a big long sleep on a weekend every now and then)!  There is  no right or wrong time to change, to make changes.   I say its ALWAYS the time to change!

So 2016 – let’s do this! Let’s say corny quotes like “be the change you want to see in the world” and listen to Shia LeBouf and “Just do it!” and enjoy every single little bit of EVERYTHING that happens this year!


hi i'm finley




lately post 23-9-15

Things have been a little hectic around these parts lately and has left little time for this little space of mine.

September has been big work events, family weekend away to the beach, a funeral, awards nights, late work days, a wedding, sore necks and backs, church kids and a whole lot of trying to eat clean!  Exhausting!!!

But lately I’ve been deliberately trying to slow things down.  Finish work on time.  Clear the weekends to spend at home.  Stop the to do lists and just DO.

Its a work in progress….but its progress…so I’m happy to just go with it at the moment 🙂

Currently things are looking okay;

Laughing at > the truth of this meme and its accuracy to my husband 😉

Eating > all things healthy.  It’s so easy to not eat the right foods, but I find when we have fresh food in our fridge and fruit to snack on, we are much more well behaved.  Tonights dinner was a Morning Glory stir fry with brown rice. One of my favourite recipes and you can see it here!

Wearing > striped purple and white pyjamas and an old shirt that was my dear dads 🙂 its a mid week slop fest in this household haha!

Feeling > tired.  But i’m sick of feeling tired so I’m trying to push through and be thankful for the life that surrounds me!

Needing > my osteo appointment.  I put my back out just between my shoulder blades a week ago and its just not right!  Happy to have full movement back now with being able to turn left again – hooray!

Working on > quality time with the husband.  Computers and phones have gotten the best of us lately and we’ve been blanking out at the end of the day.  We need to intentionally stop and talk to each other – without the distractions!

Loving on > this clever idea for indoor self watering herb garden!

hi i'm finley