apricot meringue slice

On what was an extremely hot summers day in Brisbane, a silly thing to do is then turn the oven on….but alas I did!
It’s the things we do for our husbands.   Especially when they are painting the upstairs of the house on said hot day!!

So when he requested for a childhood favourite to be baked, I caved…..and sweated haha….but I’d rather be baking than painting 😉

This came from the old plastic file-o-fax of Womens Weekly recipe collection that his mum gave him….and this one is so delicious! The wet apricot/meringue layer is perfect with the dry biscuit type base….perfect afternoon tea on a hot day ><

Tasty nonetheless!  Original recipe card below for the full recipe.

40th Birthday Party for Him

A husband who asked for a house party during Covid-19. That was a rollercoaster of is it happening, is it not happening….over and over until the actual day! Thanks ‘rona’!

But it happened. He knew the date/time but didn’t know the theme, who was coming or what he was eating!

Some helpful hands and a husband who took the 2 year old away for the morning so we could set up in secret…and the party was a success….even if restricted to a maximum of 50 people! But SOOO thankful that we were able to get there in the end > inspite of Covid-19.

Amazing food catering/delivered hot by xxx and the decoration/set up all InDesign’d by yours truly thanks to some intense Pinterest searching!

Lots of fun – LOVE a good party and designing, seeing it all come together…and of course seeing a happy hubby 😀

2nd Birthday Party – Aeroplane Theme

A 2nd birthday party in quarantine is better than nothing…and happy two year old faces know no different!

All the theming, printables, treats, cake and posters were all ready to go for a second birthday for our little boy. I’m not going to say it wasn’t stressful. Cause it was. The introduction of a worldwide pandemic a month before his birthday was NOT expected….who could have! But nevertheless, we made the most of being in quarantine in Queensland Australia and became thankful that we could at least be all together – and safely together in the peak of Covid-19.

My little boys face was worth it! When he realised what was happening – the joy it brought to me – the best!!!