some things never change


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Your plans may change.

Your life might take a turn you didn’t expect.

You might not be where you thought you would be.  You haven’t got the kids you so desire, the dream house or the perfect job!

It may frustrate you and test your patient when things don’t go according to what you had imagined for your life.

But you have to know, there is one thing that is for certain in this life!

HIS word never changes.

HIS word is where you can take refuge and feel safe!

HIS word is where you can find comfort and words of hope filled love! 

His word can give you truth, hope, courage and strength through ANY situation.  You just have to open the word and lean in to where perfection lives!!

hi i'm finley

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Hi, I'm Fin... ...a Brisbane foodnerd and lifestyle blogger. Fin

4 thoughts on “some things never change”

  1. Finley! Yours is the second post I’ve come across reading tonight that held wonderful and beautiful reminders that I strongly needed to tell myself. Thank you for writing these words.

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