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Today I’m grateful for being able to switch off – for having the choice to do so and having the time to make it happen.

My husband and I celebrated 3 years of marriage and 6 years as a couple by escaping the big smoke and hitting the countryside, for 3 days of relaxation and enjoying the beautiful northern new south wales national forest and breathtaking views!

Our long weekend was pretty simple and about enjoying the basics;

  • no electricity
  • no running water for a full day (though this got fixed!)
  • saying no to the gas bbq and cooking on the fire
  • midday snoozes
  • board games
  • early mornings
  • late nights star gazing and cuddling by the fire
  • peace and quiet and nothing but the noise of the wind whispering through the trees
  • no neighbours for kilometres
  • uninterrupted views from the kitchen and bathroom (hehe)
  • enjoying each others company and loving it!

Would do this again in a heart beat.  The perfect way to switch off, get back to basics and enjoy how incredibly beautiful our country is and being grateful for wide open skies, with no interruptions to view all the stars (plus quite a few satellites and a shooting star!).

This is how I would love my life to become…one day it will happen!!







IMG_8458  IMG_8507

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8 thoughts on “escape to the country”

    1. Thanks Brittany. We escaped to New South Wales (Australia) to Cambridge Plateau. Such a picturesque spot! Found it via Airbnb

  1. What a sweet way to celebrate your anniversary. It’s so great to escape the busyness and noise once in a while! Congrats, by the way! Glad I found you through Grateful Heart!

    1. Thanks Elena – it is such a great thing to do I can’t wait to do it again as it definitely brings you back to what really matters.

  2. Oh my gosh, I breathed deeply while reading this! Absolutely GORGEOUS and a description of my perfect “reset” kind of day. I’m so glad you guys had a great time. Happy anniversary to you two, wishing you many years of continued happiness & adventure!

    1. definitely the perfect reset kind of trip thats for sure!!! Thanks Emily – it was a wonderful trip. Nothing better than some quality time with the hubster 🙂

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