life is sweet

Okay…I’m going to jump on the gold bandwagon here….cause I’m only just starting to love it.

The gold, the bronze, the copper, the rose gold – all these new homewares out in these colours I am in love with.

No way that I’d go out and redecorate, that stuff is expensive, but a few candles here and there surely couldn’t hurtย (sorry hubby!)

Here are some of my faves at the moment including a cute Life is Sweet candle I bought from KikkiK over the weekend that is now sitting on our buffet (and yes I am obsessed withย Kikki K!)

Life is sweet - landscape

Kikki K Life is Sweet scented candle / AUD $29.95

Dusk Alpha Candle Lantern – Copper

Kikki K – Make your own path – svenska hem

Kikki K – Wooden Frame with print: Svenska Hem

Pillow Talk – Geo Pendant Light

Kikki K – life is sweet set of 3 bowls

hi i'm finley

6 thoughts on “life is sweet

  1. Andrea T says:

    Gold is truly beautiful. I still prefer silver in the home, but on my little are of the study gold somehow is taking over. I don’t know how it happened.. But it truly looks beautiful. I love love love the bowls!

    • initforlove says:

      haha…that can be your gold room ๐Ÿ™‚
      yes those bowls are so cute aren’t they! I love that there is so many variations on gold too….loving the coppers!

  2. theartsycajun says:

    OH! I LOVEEE your blog design! And honey, let me tell you a secret… when I get the urge to change up my home, I go buy a cheap can of spray paint in whatever color I’m currently loving, and spray paint a couple of accent pieces! Candle holders, small photo frames, maybe a vase… just throw pops of it here and there! So much cheaper than changing everything all the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • initforlove says:

      ooo thank you i’m so finally happy with it now! that is a GREAT idea!! Definitely saves money…and i have stuff i could do that on already ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you lovely x

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