when pinterest fails [or was it just me?]

Banana Upside Down Cake 1- initforlove

Pinterest Recipe > Upside Down Banana Cake

However, this is now known in our house as “Delicious Edge Cake” – because the toffee crisp cake edges were better than the rest of the cake….sadly!

Photography just does wonders for food these days.  Sometimes I find myself asking if the image I’m seeing is actually going to taste good, as of course we eat with our eyes first!

This Pinterest find of Upside Down Banana Cake, spoke to me with my eyes.  I could already taste the sticky cake in my mouth – so I went head first Saturday afternoon, after an early start to the day, quite tired – but nonetheless, starving for such a gorgeous looking cake.

Now – I know my bananas were a little underripe, I’ve cooked many a banana cake and know the best time for banana cake is with overripe bananas.  But alas, I had cake in my sights, so this didn’t even come into my mind!

To add to that, I didn’t really read the recipe UNTIL I started making it, which ended up being a total of nearly an hour of cake making, due to having to cook the toffee, the meringue and the cake mixture.  Also add to that a tin that was too big and part of it sticking to the tin when it had finished cooking because I was too impatient to wait the extra 3 minutes for it to finish cooling!

However, I don’t think this was a complete fail – even though 3/4’s of the cake is still sitting in our fridge uneaten a few days later – but I also think its OKAY to fail at making something.

I am a huge food lover – I’m thinking about food sadly the second I wake up, but sometimes, I just have a poo of a cooking day.  My patience fails me, I’m not in the mood and well, the cooking just fails!

But I think thats okay.  Because a picture can make something look super tasty, so much so you have to try and perfectly replicate it, right down to that perfect no shadow/but totally natural shot!  You never actually know what it tastes like until you make it – and we all know that depends on skill.  So many can make the same thing and have it end up completely different from one another!

But right now – I’m proud of my sadface looking “Delicious Edge Cake’…because even though the cake part of it was lacklustre and the bananas were horribly underripe,  the small victory was in the toffee edging!!!  And that was pretty darn delicious!

Banana Upside Down Cake 2- initforlove

Banana Upside Down Cake 3- initforlove

View the recipe here  or here on Pinterest

xx Finley

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8 thoughts on “when pinterest fails [or was it just me?]”

  1. First of all, your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!

    I’ve definitely had some pinterest fails in my day! 🙂 The key is definitely to read all the way through the recipe several times. I’m guilty of skipping that step way too often!

    1. Aww thanks lovely 🙂
      I definitely need to read through more carefully next time though it explains to me why I don’t bake as much – definitely more of a savory cook than baker

  2. Yeo! That toffee crust looks good enough to make the rest of it still taste yummy. I’ve had a few Pinterest fails too., At least you tried it.

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