A GRATEFUL HEART {numero uno}

I’ve seen the lovely Jessy from The Artsy Cajun link up with Ember Grey for this blog and I so love the content and heart of this post – so I’m giving this a go this week.

There are plenty of things I am grateful for in my life but lately I have been thinking about how grateful I am to have a job.

There are SO many and I many SOOOO many days that I completely cannot stand my job.  Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, its just its so demanding being a PA that sometimes I feel like my head is going to fall off and I get frustrated in not being able to do everything…especially when those things are always classed as ‘urgent’.

But amongst all the stress and days where I just want to run and hide under an invisible rock so no one can see or find me – it is something I really have to be grateful for and thankful that I have a job.

It’s something I know I take for granted.  There are people in this world who struggle daily to make ends meet or others who would give anything to live in a country where there is the opportunity to have jobs at your doorstep.  
So today I want to say I am grateful for being able to go to work every day.  I’m grateful that I can work in an environment where I have flexibility to go to doctors appointments or osteo appointments when I need to and grateful that I can voice my opinion, even if at times its not listened to.

But it has to be something I thank God for every day that I go back to, without fear of losing it – so for that, I am grateful. 



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