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Relaxing my way into 2014!   That’s how I’d describe these first 4 days of the year!   The most relaxed I’ve been in a long time.

Sometimes you take a holiday from work and you go away.  Other times you take a holiday from work and you just stay at home!! I really like these sorts of holidays where you just stay at home.   Because often times when I go away somewhere, I feel like I need a break after the holiday, just at home doing nothing!!

Whereas now, this break from work has been of the stay at home type.  Do what I like, when I feel like it, see this person, that person…just all in a relaxed state of mind!

And I have loved it!!!  Loved how absolutely laid back yet motivated I’ve been!

One thing I’ve really noticed is that it’s allowed me time to slow down, take a breath and actually become more connected, with not only myself and those around me, but with God.  Slowing down really feels healthier – physically and spiritually.

It’s made me feel more connected with my everyday life and the things that really calm me.   The things that come with actually having time I guess.   Time at home where you aren’t rushing about, trying to fit everything in, finish this list and that – but actual time where you can potter around, do this do that and not rush to get things done.

I am “mindfully” doing things.   I know what I want to do and I’m doing it with purpose and enjoying the process.  Even to the mundane like washing and folding clothes!! It’s instantly better when you don’t have to rush, you pop some music on and just enjoy that time to “just do it”. For lack of stealing someone elses catchphrase. 

Usually I come home from work, tired and try to rush through all the things I want to fit in with the few hours I get when I come home from work on an evening.  Or trying to fit everything in on a weekend because you haven’t had time during the week.  I end up being more stressed about trying to do everything, I never end up enjoying it and sometimes just throw my hands up and not do any of it because its all too overwhelming!

SIDE NOTE:  there are some people in this world who would absolutely kill for the chance to do what we title fitting in the “boring” and the everyday mundane.  The chance to be able to do their washing in a machine instead of by hand, to fold clothes and put them away in a clean tidy space, to even basically get  clean & cold water out of a fridge.




These past few weeks of holidays I’ve actually had the time to get into the frame of mind I need to be in to relax and come up with ideas for crafts for my mission trip next month, to get all that washing done (and strangely enjoy it, well their being none more so!), to enjoy sitting and reading everyones blogs and updates over Christmas, to creating our Thankful Jar for 2014 (thanks Amberly!) and to just sit and read the Bible and deliberately focus on my faith. Without just fitting it in because I want to make sure I read x amount of verses this night! Focusing purely on His word is so refreshing!  It really changes your perspective! 

It’s brought me to the conclusion though that I’d be one heck of a stay at home wife or mum one day!!!  I’ve been racking my brain thinking of the ways in which I could make this happen!   Hmmm.   It’s led to a much happier, spiritually focused and connected ME!!!

I go around the house doing things on purpose and have actually had a clear thought life, where things just make sense and feel right!  In every aspect!    And lets be honest – the hubby would enjoy it too in the long run as it would mean I’d bake more!   Though perhaps his waistline wouldn’t thank him long term 😉

So far its a happy new year.  Let’s just make sure it continues come Monday when I’m back to work.  Need to make sure I carry this relaxed Finley vibe through to the work place!

Hope you have had a relaxing first 4 days of 2014 and find enjoyment AND appreciation for the privilege of the mundane 🙂 


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