Seeing a few people who do the word for the upcoming year and create goals for 2014, it made me think what would mine be and I instantly was reminded of the sermon one of our Pastors did at church this past Sunday, where he spoke about simplifying life.  It was exactly what I was thinking the few days leading up to that with my mind being all clear of work – thatthat’s what I wanted 2014 to be for me – his words really resonated with me.

Simplicity.   I want to live in simplicity this new year.  

I want to simplify my life.  I don’t want to set goals this year of needing to lose weight, to do the clothes washing more consistently, to exercise more, to eat healthier – I know I need to do that, its going to happen every day and every year! But what I need to do is grow my faith, to live an uncomplicated life and simplify everything!

So quite simply (see what I did there hehe!)  I need to stop complicating my thought life and cramming it full of unnecessary things which I know just get in the way and often stress me out.  I need to push all that aside and listen to my heart. To that voice that is always there telling you what you should be doing.  I want that voice to grow loud.  I want God to come alive in my heart and sing to me – super loud and spectacularly clear!!!

I want to get rid of all the excess noise and concentrate on Him!

It is making me quite excited and I know it’s exactly what I need.  I need to surround myself in the good stuff.  Not all the man made things which just sit there and distract me every day.  The tv shows, the consumerism etc etc, and I know it will be hard but I know what I’m like.  If I make something a  habit – then I know it won’t be hard.  I LOVE routine.  It’s what I crave and long my days to be – and they most of the time work out like that, because I love being organised, so routine pretty much happens.  And by blocking out all the distractions, I know I can do it.  My first step has already been to stop watching trashy tv series – it’s been 3 weeks now!   And as much as I enjoy watching them, I have realised I actually don’t need them.  It is really really distracting.

So as Joyce Meyer’s book title says (that I’m currently reading) “making good habits, breaking bad habits”.  I need to habitually put God first.  It’s pretty simple isn’t it!

God is infinitely simple – I need my life to be filled with His simplicity!

Because only good things will come out of it.  It comes back to an eternal perspective and being led in His name.
It’s what I pray 2014 will be.  Me being led in His name and my thought life being completely overhauled!  Through daily prayer, daily bible reading, music, church, bible studies and my upcoming mission in February, which I just know is going to completely overwhelm and excite me!  I had been scared and nervous about it, but now,  I am excited and ready to go, because I know if I just focus on Him, I can get through pretty much anything!

Have a great new year lovely ladies, it’s now late afternoon on the 31st December 2013 and heading off shortly to my brother & sister in laws place for some whole red emperor, salads, dessert, prayer and worship here on this New Years Eve in Brisbane – what an awesome way to finish a year!!!

I so look forward to this new year both here in this lovely land of blogging and in my own little world.
Happy New Year!


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